Antony Locke Pizza

Join us! Antony Locke has served more than 3Million pizzas since the business started.

Antony Locke Pizza

Antony Locke Pizzas are Out of this world

Antony Locke Pizza Promise

To Ensure that you get the best quality pizza, hot, on time and exactly as it left the oven!

Antony Locke Pizz Delivery

Antony Locke uses speialist pizza couriers using the most modern tech to keep your pizza hot and delicious


Pizzas Expertly Delivered to your Door!

Here at Antony Locke Pizza, We dont let just any old delivery driver deliver our pizzas, Oh no, we want to ensure that great care is taken, just like we do in the kitchen with your pizza to ensure that it get delivered exactly as it left the oven. Beautiful, tasty, aesthetically amazing and a dream to eat!

Antony Locke Fresh Promise

Antony Locke Pizzas are fresh, Hand made and mind blowingly Tasty!

Antony Locke Pizzas hand stretch, make, use fresh ingredients and stone bake each and every pizza by hand so that you know that the pizza that is coming to your door is as fresh as it possibly can be. The pizza will be as tasty as youve ever had before and quality and consistency with each and every order you place with Antony Locke Pizza co.