Antony Locke Pizza Co.

Welcome to Antony Locke Pizza, The Freshest, Stone Baked, Tastiest Pizza in the South.

Antony Locke Pizza Co. Carefully handmake, roll, stretch and lovingly create the perfect pizza each and every time. Whatever you have in your mind for a pizza, we can make it a delicious reality. Beautifully stone baked in our oven to give the freshest, mouth watering and mindblowing flavour, taste and make you want to eat every single slice of Antony Locke’s Pizza.

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Antony Locke Pizza

Why Antony Locke Pizza's
are the best?

The Antony Locke Quality

Antony Locke guarantees the best pizza each and every time you order. We guarantee our quality, ingredients and ensure the pizza arrives to you exactly as wonderful when it came out the oven!

Antony Locke Masterpieces

Antony Locke creates a Pizza Masterpiece. Instagrammable and photogrenic pizza's that only not look incredible, they taste out of this world!

Antony Locke Pizza

Antony Locke Promise

Antony Locke Pizza's promise that your pizza will not only look the part, but taste the part. Carefully created pizzas, delivered with care and piping hot ready for you to eat

The Antony Locke Experience

Antony Locke wants you to enjoy your pizza exactly how its made. We have specialist pizza couriers with high tech equipment to ensure that your pizza stays hot, not warm and you can get a restaurant pizza experiece in the comfort of your own home

Antony Locke working hard making a pizza for a customer


Antony Locke Pepperoni

Antony Locke Classic Pepperoni Pizza, A Pepperoni Pizza like youve never had before!

Antony Locke Margarita

Antony Locke remasters the Margarita pizza

Antony Locke Chicken Delux

Antony Locke Creates a chicken feast on top of a pizza

Antony Locke Pineapple

Antony Locke uses pineapple to compliment the best pizza youve ever tasted!

of the Day

Antony Locke Pizza of your choice combined with 2 sides for just £24.99

of the Month

The Antony Locke Chicken Delux comes out on top as a clear winner this month!
Antony Locke Pizza

What are customers saying
about our Antony Lock Pizza Co.?

Ive tried lots of different pizzas but Antony Locke's pizza are just heaven. We have ordered multiple times and the quality is the same each and every time!

Charlotte Mai

Mouth watering pizzas from Antony Locke pizza co. We wont order pizza from anywhere else now. Our whole family enjoy the taste of Antony Locke pizza

Regina Miles

What can i say about Antony Locke Pizza, Massive fan! Coming from Italy, its hard to find a decent pizza place that has quality all of the time! Top Pizza Place!

Denis Clover

Creating the best Pizza Youve Every Tasted!

Antony Locke Pizza co
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The Antony Locke Pizza Quality Guarantee!

Antony Locke?
Want to know more about me?

Im Antony Locke, Founder of Antony Locke Pizza Co. I started the company due to my love of pizza. However, i got tired of being served sub-standard pizza’s, wasting my time and money on trying different pizza places or being unsatisfied every time i got delivered a pizza. How hard can it be to find the perfect pizza?

Quite hard as it turned out, so i started my own to give you a slice of exactly what i wanted from a pizza and a pizza company. The rest is history! If you need photographer, Click here

Antony Locke Owner PIzza Co